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Sundown City is an isometric Hack'n'Slash ARPG with a neo-80s setting. This is a quick demo of what I have so far in the proof of concept process. It's only a few weeks in so there is not much content. Music by Three Chain Links: threechainlinks.com

Install instructions

Just unzip and run Clean_for_Demo. If there are any errors when trying to run go to Engine>Extras>Redist>en-us>UE4PrereqSetup and run it to install prerequisites. It may require a restart.


Sundown_City.rar 233 MB


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Would it be possible to Update/Release this for Mac?

if you take away the aesthetic it doesn't have any kind of leg to stand on
getting some texture glitching on windows of buildings
no gamepad controls
you use the mouse to move around but not to attack at all which is really strange
main issue is that somehow the controls are very unresponsive, like I'll do a short combo then I can't do anything at all for like 2 or 3 seconds which is just horrible

Hey thanks for the criticisms, I appreciate the feedback. I'm only a few weeks into development so I haven't really had the chance to implement gamepad controls yet, but that is something I'll be looking at doing along with addressing the points you've made. The skills have internal cooldowns at the moment as temporary bugfixes for some issues, which will hopefully be resolved and fixed asap. Mouse to attack is something I've been getting a lot of feedback on and it's on the top of my list for implementing. About the textures glitching I'm not too sure what could've caused that as I've been unable to repdroduce it but will keep trying.

Hopefully all these things will be resolved/drastically improved upon by DDXI. Thank you for your valid points and know that they're all taken on board and I'll be working to improve upon what you've mentioned.